Allison Weiss has an incredibly familiar sound of youth that makes you want to get together with your friends in Dinky Town, or head to Lake Calhoun. Maybe that won’t make sense to the non Minnesotan’s out there, but to us that means Allison’s sound brings about good feelings and inspiration in the best kind of way.¬†Allison took a few minutes to sit down and chat with me about Warped Tour, animals, marriage and her new EP!

Photo: Chris Duke
Photo: Chris Duke

Talk to me about Peta2!
Allison: I met the people with Peta2 at Warped Tour last year actually! I’ve always known about them, but it was great to finally meet some of the team. Peta2 is important to me because animals should never be harmed, you know what I mean? I feel like it SHOULD be obvious, but if it was Peta2 wouldn’t be doing what they do right?

What do you think about ‘The Fall’ being featured on Entertainment Weekly?
Allison: I think it’s great! I have a wonderful PR team that set that up and it’s actually really exciting! It’s great because my family finally get’s it you know? Like people see Entertainment Weekly and say “Oh I get it now, you’re legit.” Because before I would say “Hey Mom I was on ‘Property of Zack!’ and she would have no idea what I was talking about haha.

Photo: Chris Duke
Photo: Chris Duke

I totally get it! I say “Check out my interview at The Show Last Night,” and people are like “What show?” Moving on! Where are you from?
Allison: Well originally I am from Georgia but then I lived in Brooklyn for 3 years, and I just recently moved to California.

We should talk about marriage equality right?
Allison: Of course I mean look at me haha! I’m all about marriage equality though seriously, it’s really important. I have a girlfriend right now and though marriage is a pretty intense thing to talk about, it’s something I want to be able to do in the future.

I know too, that in this industry we still hear people calling things ‘gay’ and calling each other things. What do you think about that?
Allison: Yeah and I know most people don’t mean any harm by it and it’s been engrained in us since grade school or whatever. “I don’t mean gay as in GAY, I mean like gay as in ‘bad.'” THAT’S the problem you know? That’s the exact reason you shouldn’t be saying it!


Onto more positive things! Tell us about the EP!
Allison: Yes! We recorded it in January, No Sleep Records put it out and it’s available every where now! I’m also selling copies while I’m out on Warped Tour, so come see me!

Awesome! Well thank you so much Allison and we can’t wait to see more from you!
Allison: Thank you!

You can get Allison’s new album here!


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