Hey readers – it’s Ryan. I will now be covering stuff around Denver/Boulder, CO as that’s where I’ve moved. You probably didn’t care or need any explanation. 

So I’ve been a fan of Drive By Truckers for less time than I probably should’ve. I’ve seen them a few times plugged in, a couple of times drunk, and now finally – acoustic. They played on Sunday, 4/19/15 at the Boulder Theater in the similarly mentioned city. Without an opener, DBT took the stage around 9pm and greeted the near capacity crowd, beers in hand, smiles plastered across their faces.

This isn’t the first tour they’ve done acoustic, and I certainly hope it isn’t the last. They played songs from nearly their entire discography. Personal favorites of mine aside, I would say The Living Bubba and Love Like This would have to have been the highlights of the night for me (though they’re also two of my favorite DBT songs).  As per usual with these guys, the only break they took from rocking my ass off was for the encore.

The only thing that could’ve potentially made the night any more enjoyable is if Jason Isbell would’ve come out and sat in for a couple of songs, though that’s probably never going to happen.


1. Sounds Better in the Song
2. The Flying Wallendas
3. Carl Perkins Caddilac
4. Grand Canyon
5. Flight 218 To Denver
6. Tough To Let Go
7. Loaded Gun In The Closet
8. Heathens
9. Cottonseed
10. Sands of Iwo Jima
11. Pulaski
12. Pauline Hawkins
13. Panties In Your Purse
14. Hell No I Ain’t Happy
15. Woman Without Whiskey
16. Lookout Mountain
17. A Ghost To Most
18. The Living Bubba
20. Birthday Boy
21. Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife
22. Where The Devil Don’t Stay
23. What It Means Story
24. What It Means
25. Love Like This
26. Sink Hole
27. Zip City
28. White Knuckle WV
29. Shut Up And Get On The Plane
30. Ooh La La


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