It’s been over 5 years since Brt Rynlds and Charles Bronson, better known as Sex Burger, made their presence known performing and djing disco boogie funk around town. Their unique sound and show took dance floors by storm before their hiatus. Now Sex Burger is back at it again with Dan Staddon sitting behind the drums. 

First off love the name, how did it come about?

Thanks, the name came before the band. I thought “what are two things Americans love the most”, put them together and viola.

So you had just a name?

Yeh, Bronson and myself were in a metal band for a few years and that band was starting to part ways. I took the name Sex Burger and told Bronson that we should just make distorted disco music. So we quit the metal thing for awhile and just started playing shows solid until about 5 years ago when we split up and started doing our own things.

Five years, that’s a long time… what have you been up to?

Yes, time flies as the saying goes! Without getting into the long story, I’ll do my best to make it brief. We worked on a lot of material and then faded, honestly. We got to a point where we didn’t really want to do it anymore. Then I wanted to do it again but at that time Bronson started a family so he couldn’t. So I went on my own for awhile looking for the right fit, the next Bronson. I spent a couple years looking and jamming with other drummers until recently. Dan took the call and played a show with me last December and killed it. No rehearsals, nothing, kid just came in and rocked a full set with me. I was blown away.

No rehearsals? As in you guys didn’t practice together or anything?

Yeh exactly! Ha, I gave him very short notice on the show, maybe a couple days. We couldn’t make schedules work so I said let’s just do it and see what happens.

How did the two of you meet?

We both went to McNally Smith and were in a hip hop ensemble together. I used Ableton Live as my instrument/rig to be an improv DJ and he was the drummer. He always stuck in my mind as a solid drummer that can maintain a groove.

What’s the music writing process like?

I’ve stacked up a lot of material. I send it over to Dan and he hacks away at it. Then sends me some ideas back and we churn until something solidifies and arrange those ideas into a song. I try to record and keep everything because any scrapped ideas can be used for a live show in a later time.

Any plans for the new material?

Yes, Dan and I are working on a new release called “Grill on Grill”. I’ve actually been working on this one for a long time. Very excited to get this album out.

You had a previous release called “License to Grill”, do you use Grill in every title?

Yes. All part of the gimmick. I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a fan of gimmicks or bands that run with them but it’s become my experiment. I want to see how far I can take one and maybe it’ll change my mind about them. You can’t take everything seriously all the time. Bronson and myself release Nu Disco/House DJ sets that we perform together every 3/4 months called “Natural Born Grillers” and are a ton of fun. It’s just our way of still finding fun in what we do and sharing that with our friends and fans.

Is there anything else to the gimmick?

Well we did sell a sex burger that you can order and eat at our last release show. It was a huge hit, definitely hope to do it again.

What was in it?

It was a take on a juicy lucy, with cheese and bacon in the middle and a deep fried ancho chile onion ring on top. Not my recipe, I have to give credit to my old head chef. Every time we release an album, we’ll release a new burger so who knows what the next one will be. We always accept ideas!

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