By Tanner


Bring Me The Horizon and the rest of the bands on the American Dream Tour put on an incredible show at The Myth. A night for the books. Enjoy these photos of BMTH’s set.




They started off their set with the lights off and the freaking out. As the sound of ‘Can you feel my heart’ off their newest album Sempiternal started to creep in there were just two blue lights teasing the crowd with a little visual stimulation from the back of the stage. When the song dropped the crowd was showered with confetti and the lights took full force and it was absolutely fucking insane. 


1. Can You Feel My Heart
2. Shadow Moses
3. Diamonds Aren’t Forever
4. The House of Wolves
5. Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake
6. And the Snakes Start to Sing
7. Empire (Let Them Sing)
8. It Never Ends
9. Chelsea Smile
10. Antivist

11. Blessed with a Curse
12. Sleepwalking

GIF1A IMG_4516 IMG_4593 IMG_4618 IMG_4715 IMG_4879 IMG_4887-Edit IMG_4895-Edit IMG_4906 IMG_4915 IMG_4938 IMG_4959 IMG_4967 IMG_5012 IMG_5048 IMG_5031 IMG_5064 IMG_5062 IMG_5113 IMG_5073

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