Remo Drive asked the crowd to raise their hands if it was their first time seeing them.  More than half of the crowd’s hands shot up in the air with smiling faces looking back at them. As I stood on the side of the stage with my friends that I’ve made throughout the years and even some through Remo shows, I felt like crying. It was absolutely magical to see these three boys go from basement shows and tiny crowds to selling out the Triple Rock.

I can’t remember the exact first time I saw Remo, as it was a long time ago, but I remember being instantly impressed. Their sound was so fun and refreshing, and even nicer to know they were from the same state as me. I met the three of them slowly but surely to find out they were also some of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met. Nothing but warm smiles and welcoming conversations come from the three of them. That’s when I really knew they deserved to make it big. I saw them put in so much hard work into their music over the years, and even start other bands and put in the same effort and love. To look out at that huge crowd of people singing along to a band that has worked so hard to be heard, is heartwarming.

I can’t wait for the rest that follows Remo Drive; like opening for Tiny Moving Parts and Sorority Noise this year. I hope this inspires more bands in our scene to know that it’s possible, and with hard work and patience you can sell out one of the coolest local venues in your city.

-Selena Moreno

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