TSLN On The Road is a new blog series with The Show Last Night. We hope you dig it!
On tour with his friends in By The Thousands and Superior was music photographer Tanner Morris. He did his best to document his first official run as a touring photographer and blog about it as often as possible. What’s life like on a DIY tour across the country? Keep scrolling to see exactly that.



Omaha, NE 01/26/2015

This was the last stop on the tour! The Hideout in Omaha gave us a warm welcome and an awesome end to the trip. After this show we stayed at the Superior house. The next morning we had a long drive back to Wisconsin to drop off BTT drummer Dakota Testa. From there it was back home to sweet Minneapolis!

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Denver, CO 01/25/2015

This venue was dirty as hell and full of graffiti. The perfect place for a metal show. With old drumsticks jammed into the ceiling and murals, posters, flyers and stickers on every inch of the walls, the Seventh Circle Music Collective is a place I won’t soon forget. Mithya, a band also out of Minneapolis, made the trip to Denver to play this show.

Lasttwodays-1 Lasttwodays-2 Lasttwodays-3 Lasttwodays-4 Lasttwodays-5 Lasttwodays-6 Lasttwodays-7 Lasttwodays-8 Lasttwodays-9 Lasttwodays-10 Lasttwodays-11 Lasttwodays-12 Lasttwodays-13 Lasttwodays-14 Lasttwodays-15 Lasttwodays-16 Lasttwodays-17 Lasttwodays-18 Lasttwodays-19 Lasttwodays-20 Lasttwodays-21 Lasttwodays-22 Lasttwodays-23 Lasttwodays-24 Lasttwodays-25 Lasttwodays-26 Lasttwodays-27 Lasttwodays-28 Lasttwodays-29 Lasttwodays-30 Lasttwodays-31 Lasttwodays-32 Lasttwodays-33 Lasttwodays-34



Billings, MT 01/24/2015

Billings-1 Billings-2 Billings-3 Billings-4 Billings-5 Billings-6 Billings-7 Billings-8 Billings-9 Billings-10 Billings-11 Billings-12 Billings-13 Billings-14 Billings-15 Billings-16 Billings-17 Billings-18 Billings-19 Billings-20 Billings-21 Billings-22 Billings-23 Billings-24 Billings-25 Billings-26 Billings-27 Billings-28 Billings-29 Billings-30 Billings-31 Billings-32 Billings-33 Billings-34 Billings-35 Billings-36 Billings-37 Billings-38 Billings-39 Billings-40




Salt Lake City, UT 01/23/2015

Salt Lake City treated us well tonight. The venue, called The Loading Dock, was a pretty cool little spot. It was a smaller venue with a big welcome. They also run a print shop out of the location, printing shirts, stickers and more. Pretty cool stuff.

From the facebook event page:







SaltLakeTitty-1 SaltLakeTitty-2 SaltLakeTitty-3 SaltLakeTitty-4 SaltLakeTitty-5 SaltLakeTitty-7 SaltLakeTitty-8 SaltLakeTitty-9 SaltLakeTitty-10 SaltLakeTitty-11 SaltLakeTitty-12 SaltLakeTitty-13 SaltLakeTitty-14 SaltLakeTitty-15 SaltLakeTitty-16 SaltLakeTitty-17 SaltLakeTitty-18 SaltLakeTitty-20 SaltLakeTitty-21 SaltLakeTitty-22 SaltLakeTitty-23 SaltLakeTitty-27 SaltLakeTitty-28 SaltLakeTitty-31 SaltLakeTitty-29 SaltLakeTitty-34


Chico, CA House Show 01/21/2015

The FYC Foundation presents
The Inspire.Create.Repeat 2015 Tour
January 21st 2015
By the Thousands
Blood Cabana
Death Rattle

This show was off the wall insane! The Waffle House, a house that has recently been established as a legitimate venue, put on a show to remember. I can’t wait to get back to Chico! Chico-1 Chico-2 Chico-3 Chico-4 Chico-5 Chico-6 Chico-7 Chico-8 Chico-9 Chico-10 Chico-11 Chico-12 Chico-13 Chico-14 Chico-15 Chico-16 Chico-17 Chico-18 Chico-19 Chico-20 Chico-21 Chico-22 Chico-23 Chico-24 Chico-25 Chico-26 Chico-27 Chico-28 Chico-29 Chico-30 Chico-31 Chico-32 Chico-33 Chico-34 Chico-35 Chico-36 Chico-37 Chico-38 Chico-39 Chico-40 Chico-41 Chico-42 Chico-43 Chico-44 Chico-45 Chico-46 Chico-47 Chico-48 Chico-49 Chico-50 Chico-51 Chico-52 Chico-53 Chico-54 Chico-55 Chico-56 Chico-57 Chico-58 Chico-59 Chico-60 Chico-61


San Fransisco, CA off day 01/20/2015


SanFransisco-1 SanFransisco-2 SanFransisco-3 SanFransisco-4 SanFransisco-10 SanFransisco-11 SanFransisco-13 SanFransisco-15 SanFransisco-16 SanFransisco-18 SanFransisco-19 SanFransisco-20 SanFransisco-21 SanFransisco-23 SanFransisco-22 SanFransisco-24

Los Angeles, CA 01/19/2015

InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-82 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-83 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-84 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-85 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-86 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-92 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-93 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-94 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-95 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-96 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-97 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-98 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-99 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-100 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-101




San Diego, CA 01/18/2015



InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-65 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-66 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-67 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-68 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-69 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-70 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-71 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-72 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-73 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-74 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-75 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-76 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-77 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-78 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-79 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-80 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-81



Mesa, Arizona 01/17/2015


InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-42 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-43 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-44 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-45 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-46 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-48 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-47 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-49 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-50 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-51 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-52 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-53 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-54 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-55 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-56 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-57 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-58 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-60 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-59 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-61 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-62 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-63 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-64



Albuquerque, NM 01/16/2015


InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-33 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-34 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-35 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-36 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-37 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-38 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-39 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-40 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-41


Off day driving to Albuquerque 01/15/2015


InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-26 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-27 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-28 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-29 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-30 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-32 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-31




Oklahoma City, OK 01/14/2015


InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-17 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-18 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-19 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-23 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-24 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-25 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-21 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-22



Wichita, KS 01/13/2015

InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-6 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-8 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-7 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-11 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-9 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-12 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-10 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-13 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-14 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-15 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-3 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-5 InspireCreateRepeatTourCATCHINGUP-16



Lawrence, KS 01/10/2015



4:25 am:

Tanner: We woke up this morning at our hotel. After packing up and loading into the van, we headed to home depot to make some extra keys for the van and trailer.  We grabbed some food at a Steak n’ Shake, which was extremely delicious, and then headed to Kansas City to pick up Louis at the airport. We then drove back to Lawrence and headed to the venue. The show today was at Jackpot Music Hall in downtown Lawrence. It was a pretty cool little bar and there was a Chipotle nearby. That was very nice. The bar had a special where you get a PBR tallboy and a shot of beam for $5. I took advantage of that.  I got to see a friend from Minneapolis who also just happened to be in Kansas that day. I shot some photos that I was happy with and I filmed a bunch of video (video coming soonish). So overall it was a good day! We headed back to a hotel for the night. Tomorrow we’re off to Wichita.


InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-1 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-3 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-4 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-5 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-6 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-7 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-8 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-9 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-10 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-11 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-12 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-13 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-14 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-15 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-16 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-17 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-18 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-19 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-20 InspireCreateRepeatTourLawrence-21


Off Day Lawrence, KS 01/09/15


4:20 am the day after:
Tanner: We had an off day in Lawrence, KS today. We did some stuff and stayed at a Days Inn. I took some photos but didn’t get time to edit or upload them. I might be coming back to update what happened this day if/when I get some extra time.


Day Two: Cedar Rapids, Iowa 01/10/2015


2:56 am:

Tanner: Today was awesome. I’m really tired but i’m loving every second of tour. We drove to Iowa and played at a cool little bar called Jules Bar. Some gear got puked on, but overall we had a great night. The crowd, though kind of small, was rowdy as hell. Louis got sick and couldn’t make it, so By The Thousands played an instrumental set tonight. It was different, but actually really cool to see them play without a vocalist. We can’t wait to have Lou back (he’s flying out to meet us in Kansas), but it was still rad.  Superior was fun to watch as always. We all met some cool people, had a great night and had a safe trip back to a friends house in Iowa City. We’re crashing here for the night. Almost everyone else is sleeping already. And… i’m too tired to write any more. Enjoy these photos from our trip through Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Adam - By The Thousands
Adam – By The Thousands
Rest Stop
Rest Stop
By The Thousands rest stop
By The Thousands rest stop
window pics
window pics
window pics
window pics
Hangs after the show
Hangs after the show
After the show
After the show
John and Dustin - By The Thousands
Adam and John – By The Thousands
loading up the trailer
loading up the trailer
about to leave the venue
about to leave the venue


Shout out to Jules Bar and Havilah Clothing .

Also shout out to all the locals that played this show:
BareBones (quad cities melodic hardcore)
Courage At Sea
Doppelganger (quad cities metalcore)
Apollo Skies



Day One: Minneapolis 01/09/2015


4:00 am:

The first night of tour was a huge success. Granted, it was in my home town so I didn’t really leave for tour yet. We leave tomorrow morning. But tonight was so rad! I have so much respect for the amount of local love you saw at tonights show. All the bands (truly all of them) were awesome to watch and the crowd was getting amped. I’m seriously proud of the people I get to call my friends. Unfortunately I wasn’t there in time to photograph the first band, Aurae. But I did catch the very end of their set as I walked in and they sounded good. I had not heard of them before, so I was pleasantly surprised.

DUDE this little girl was fucking shit UP in the pit! Like, hard. She was moshing the entire show, and she wasn’t afraid to get right in the middle and start pushing people. Everyone around supported her and watched her back. It was awesome.

… I would love to tell you all more about the show, but I’m falling asleep here. It’s now 4 am and i’m not done with this post yet. Haha, I have to wake up at 7 to finish packing, go meet a friend to borrow a lens and a light stand for the tour, and meet up with the guys to head to Iowa. That said, I’m just going to leave you with the photos from tonights show at the Fallout Art Center in Minneapolis.


I did get one quick shot of Aurae just as they ended their set.
I did get one quick shot of Aurae just as they ended their set.

The Birth of an Empire:
(Their debut show)

InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-2 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-4 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-5 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-6InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolisB-1


InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-9 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-10 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-12 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-13InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolisB-2


InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-17 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-18 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-19 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-20 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-21

Thee Masacre:

InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolisB-5 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolisB-4 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolisB-3

By The Thousands:

InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-25 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-26 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-27 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-30 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-31 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-33 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-36 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolisB-6 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolisB-7 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolisB-8 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolisB-9 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-32 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-37




Shout out to the folks at the Fallout and to Bobby Olson // Leo Presents.

And a special thanks to Sam Golderberger for setting up and running lights for tonights show!
InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-15 InspireCreateRepeatTourMinneapolis-16



4:00 pm: 

The day is finally here! The kick off to the Inspire Create Repeat tour with By The Thousands and Superior.

We at the The Show Last Night are excited to bring you a blog that covers an entire DIY tour with two great bands from beginning to end. Everything from the drive, stops along the way (yes, Walter White’s house is on the list while we have an off day in Albuquerque), hangs, playing shows, green rooms, humble abodes, new friends, sleeping in vans, hooliganism, shenanigans and everything in between.

My name is Tanner Morris. I will be on the road with my friends in By The Thousands photographing the whole tour. I couldn't be more excited to hit the road with these friends of mine, and meet plenty of new friends along the way!
Partnering with me on this blog will be the very talented Randy Edwards, photographer at Randy Edwards LLC and guitarist for Superior.
We may have some guest bloggers throughout the tour (probably members of the bands that want to provide updates and thoughts) so be sure to keep checking back.
Tonight marks the start of this tour, with the first show being in my home area of Minneapolis. The show tonight is at the Fallout Arts Center. Playing tonight is By the Thousands: at 9:15 Thee Massacre: 8:30 Superior: 7:45 Mithya: 7:00 THE BIRTH OF AN EMPIRE: 6:15 and Aurae: 5:30 .
This pretty much concludes my introduction to the tour. It's going to be a fun one. Let's do this!

Dates and Facebook event pages:

January 9th Minneapolis, MN – The Fallout Arts Center

January 10th Cedar Rapids, IA – Jule’s

January 12th Lawrence, KS – Jackpot Music Hall

January 13th Wichita, KS – Elbow Room

January 14th Oklahoma City, OK – Music Room OKC 

January 16th Albuquerque, NM – Blu Phoenix/Compound 2

January 17th Mesa, AZ – The Nile Theater

January 18th San Diego, CA – Woody’s Burgers

January 19th Los Angeles, CA – White Oak Music

January 21st Chico, CA – The Waffle House

January 22nd Las Vegas, NV – Boomers Bar

January 23rd Salt Lake City, UT – The Loading Dock

January 24th Billings, MT – Railyard

January 25th Denver, CO – Seventh Circle

January 26th Omaha, NE – The Hideout

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