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On the eve of Halloween Jaedyn James & The Hunger put on a full fledged Circus @ Memory Lanes. Complete with Ring Master, Bearded Lady, Mime, Penguin, & the bastard child of an Ewok and Hans Solo. A Crazy Cat lady blew trumpet. Hunter S. Parker saxed the night away. The Universe sang back up, slapped the tambourine, and gave energy to all. Matt Foley made an appearance on the drums and ate government issued cheese. Twinkies and beer were served. Strikes, spares, and splits rang out as the band owned the stage. A lone wolf howled.

The vocally brash Jaedyn James whips her band and audiences into a frenzy. A fearless performer, get too close and you’re daring her to kiss you, glitter you, or pull you up on stage. JJ&TH performs mouth watering originals, & deep cut covers- with 4 horned panache, imperfection, and a style all their own. Birthed from the loins of Minneapolis and just a year old. If you haven’t tasted this band yet, you’re in for a punch of flavor.

Jj0 2

The Ring Master- Jaedyn James – Band Leader

The Hunger:
Mime- Jason Oliver Olson- Bass
Bearded Lady- Ben Roberts- Keys
Matt Foley- Charlie Roeglin- Drums
Crazy Cat Lady- Jamie LeBlanc- Trumpet
Bastard Child of Ewok & Hans Solo- Kalen Rainbow- Bari Sax
Hunter S. Parker- Zane Parker- Alto Sax
Penguin- Ben Hintz- Tenor Sax
The Universe- Lily Girl Campbell- Back up. Tambourine.

Check out JJ&TH’s EP- Triple Single – http://jaedynjamesandthehunger.bandcamp.com/releases

Find JJ&TH on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Jaedyn-James-The-Hunger-1440746059542382/

For booking e.mail- jjandthehunger@gmail.com


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