Kind Red Spirits hit the stage at the Triple Rock social club along with Jaedyn James & The Hunger and Tabah

Kind Red Spirits an American rock and roll band based out of Minneapolis. Band dynamics range from slow, building folk ballads to high energy punk rock and soul. Kind Red Spirits are very chameleon like in their ability to adopt many genres of music including folk, funk, grunge and soul.

The Spirits have been making the rounds at some of the Twin Cities finest venues including the Turf Club, Fine line, Triple Rock and a sold out show at Bryant Lake Bowl. Their songs “The Road” and Robert E Lee” have been featured on 89.3 the Current and major podcasts including “Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan” author of the controversial, best seller “Sex at Dawn!” A podcast with over 200,000 subscribers worldwide and Ryan is a regular guest on Joe Rogan, who has 60 million downloads per month!

Their rootsy new full length album is due to drop this summer with an album release show at the Nomad on July 13th. Check them out here and follow them.

Kind Red Spirits are


Justin Robb on Vocals

Nathan Dean on Guitar

Ben Martinson on Bass

David “Dutchy” Gutche on Drums

Jenn Peterson on Violin

Tobias “Adam” Rudorf on Saxophone

Keeping the stage hungry was Jaedyn James and The Hunger. Always dishing out some funk, love and soul the 11 piece band always delivers.  The bands interests include Hot dogs. Chili dogs. Temperate dogs. Gravy dogs. Keepin’ it loose. Keepin’ it tight. Spin the bottle, Little Debbies & afternoon delight.  They also are in the works of releasing two music videos set to be released next month.

Tabah closed out the night with their honest and organic sound.  The Minneapolis native electric ensemble who recently released an album back in march cross various styles in the music.  Lead singer Cecelia Erholtz voice really hits you in the feels.


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