The One Dolla Holla, brought you us by FIVEONETHREE [513], packed The Garage full of local love. Valor Tracks played their last show along with other great local bands. They definitely went out with a bang.

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Review by: Skylar Cary

“This is the saddest I’ve ever been.  This is the saddest I’ll ever be.  But there’s no doubt in my mind that you loved me.”  These lyrics from Valor Tracks’ “Safe and Sound” echoed the thoughts of the entire Twin Cities music community Friday night as we bid a very fond farewell to Valor Tracks.  Valor Tracks said goodbye in the only way they knew how to: by stacking a show with some of MN’s best bands and best friends.  Infinite Me opened main stage with an ambient display of unique musicianship.  Vocalist Corey Short puts endless emotion into the words he screams onstage, and it adds power to the band’s live performance.

Following Infinite Me, Let//Go kicked things off in the lounge.  The response from the crowd was relentless from the moment they began “Of Her” until the very last note of “The Sent One” was played.  Let//Go has become a favorite of many in Minnesota’s local scene, and has recently began expanding out of the Twin Cities.  The band recently traveled to New York to play on the iMatter festival with big names such as Gideon, Fit for a King, Sleeping Giant, Stick to Your Guns, and We Came as Romans.  With excellent home show after excellent home show, a small tour, and iMatter under their belts, it is not hard to see that Let//Go has big things to look forward to in their future.

In Search Of Solace was the next band to take main stage.  Due to a recent line-up change, Matthew Paulazzo of Minnesota’s By The Thousands filled in on the drums, while some of the guitar parts were back tracked to compensate for missing members.  This fact did not hinder the band in the slightest; their show was packed full of energy and excellent musicianship, complete with former guitarist Adam Fish sharing the stage in order to sing his clean vocal parts.  The crowd response for In Search of Solace was also unending, as flying arms and spin kicks collided with the traditional push mosh.  In Search of Solace continues to be a favorite of many in the local scene.

Local giants From Concept to Chronicle took the stage in the lounge following In Search of Solace.  The band, who is known for eerie stage presence and monstrously heavy music, began their set with only red stage lights to faintly highlight their silhouettes as they played.  From Concept to Chronicle has also been known to make every show they play special; this one was no different.  Roughly halfway through their set, vocalist Tyler Nelson invited anyone who knew the words to rush the stage as the band began a cover of Rise Against’s hit “Savior.”  They put their own twist on the song with a slow, sludgy, and outrageously heavy breakdown in place of the soft interlude Rise Against plays.  Their set ended with more of their original music, and We Are the Blog! played main stage shortly after.

We Are the Blog! is another name almost everyone in the Minnesota scene knows.  Blog has been around for roughly five years and have been successful at making a name for themselves in the process.  They’ve put out two EPs (“Decadence” and “Axios”) and both have been met with a great response.  They played an excellent set Friday night, complete with guest spots from a few other Minnesota bands.

After We Are the Blog! played, Correlations took the stage in the lounge.  Correlations is another name that is widely known in the Twin Cities, and in closer cities outside of the state (i.e. La Crosse).  Correlations recently released their EP entitled “Pathos” and have been fiercely playing show after to show in support of it.  The EP has been received very well in both the Twin Cities scene as well as the scene in La Crosse.  Songs such as “The Invisible,” “Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads,” and “8:15” receive highly energetic responses from their crowds, and Friday night was no different.  Packing Correlations into the lounge was very reminiscent of the Hardcore Prom, as the high energy and smaller space created a utterly chaotic atmosphere.  Correlations is far from over this summer.  Catch them back at The Garage on the 20th, The Charlie Siren House on the 24th, or at Local Love on September 6th.

Alistair Hennessey played main stage after Correlations.  This is a highly esteemed band in the local scene, and their set was met with a hearty response.  Their music is teeming with creativity and musicianship, which grabs the interest of many a listener.  The band issued the exciting announcement that they would be traveling to Michigan to record new music (among the songs to be recorded was “Forever Alone,” which was played midway through the set), and have since arrived in Michigan to begin the recording process.  Expect additional announcements and new music soon.

Molly’s Worst Enemy played the lounge after Alistair Hennessey.  They approached their set in a different way than any of the other bands of the night, playing their show with all their gear on the floor with the crowd.  The lounge was overflowing and unreasonably hot, but that did nothing to hinder the crowd from having the time of their lives.  Shouts of “If I die, don’t save me,” “You’re never alone,” and the entirety of “Tunnel Vision” erupted from the crowd as the band played.  Molly’s Worst Enemy also had the best stage banner of the night, and probably the year as well.  Defend Cock Punk.

It was no secret that, even though every band on the bill was loved dearly, everyone came for Valor Tracks.  This was arguably one of the most energetic and emotional sets the band had ever played.  Amidst the usual flying arms and spin kicks, tears fell to the floor, hugs were had between songs, and lyrics were screamed louder than ever before.  Emotions ran the highest during “Safe and Sound” and “Your Words into Silence.”  The song, which is about a close friend of the band losing his mother, has touched heart after heart since the band began playing it.  Shouts of “This is the saddest I’ve ever been” rang out deafeningly as the crowd gathered around vocalist Adam Gohl.  The band encored with “Your Words into Silence,” ending with the most powerful of their breakdowns.

Just as the band in their lyrics “watched a boy lose his mother,” we watched the scene lose one of its most beloved bands.  Thank you for everything Valor Tracks.

last show

Photos By Tanner Morris and Alexander Just.


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