In Search Of Solace and Roads Of Glass EP release show!

With support from From Concept To Chronicle , The Following and Empty Days!


With anticipation rising for the last month, this show was nothing short of a great success. Minnesota metal at it’s finest. Not only did the bands preform amazingly, but the guys in the pit TORE SHIT UP. There’s something to be said about the guys that come to these shows and go in the pit. They’re not your typical ‘put-your-head-down and throw your fists around like you’re trying to survive a mosquito attack’ that you see at a lot of modern day hardcore shows. I’m talking spin kicks, back flips, and other crazy ninja shit that makes other states look like a bunch of pussies. No offense, just saying Minnesota knows what’s up at a local metal show. (I’m sure your state is pretty cool too, don’t get butt hurt).





Take a look at the night through the lenses of Tanner Morris and Alexander Just as you listen to some songs off the new EP’s!





Empty Days:

The Following:

From Concept To Chronicle:

Photo Credit: Alexander Just
Photo Credit: Alexander Just

Roads Of Glass:

Photo Credit: Alexander Just
Photo Credit: Tanner Morris


In Search of Solace:

Photo Credit: Alexander Just

Bonus photos & behind the scenes:ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-89

Photo Credit: Tanner Morris

ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-24 ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-6 ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-5 ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-1 ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-2 ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-3 ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-4 ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-9 ROG-ISOS-EPrelease-8


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