SycAmour-The Heartwood

October 10th 2014
@ UW-Stout Memorial Student Center

Review & Photos by Genna Skouge


SycAmour - Photo: Genna Skouge
SycAmour – Photo: Genna Skouge


SycAmour has a full line up of 6 talented gentlemen with the names of Jeremy Gilmore (clean vocals), Tony Sugent (screams), Victor Yousof (drums), Zack Ferrell (guitar), Charlie McCormick (bass) and Blake Howard (guitar). They have released two full lengths “Obscure: La Duexiéme” (2012) and “Indulgence: A Saga Of Lights” which was just recently release on September 2nd 2014. They recently signed with Hopeless Records. Their music has a sexy, aggressive, a very succulent sound. Each song they have created is a part of an intense and beautiful story.

Tonight I got to make a small trip to see them at UW-Stout in Menominee, Wisconsin. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of photographing them. When I walked in to the University’s Student Center there was very little sign of life, but as I made way a little further down the hall I started to hear the opening band, Alistair Hennessey. I acquired very loving and friendly greetings from all of the guys in SycAmour when I encountered each of them. After visiting for a bit, I decided to watch Alistair Hennessey who did a spectacular job performing. I always enjoy watching them perform.

Before SycAmour took the stage, a few of the people in the small crowd were handed chemical masks to wear. You see, they like to involve the use of theatrics while they perform which makes watching them that much more exciting and fun.

The lights went dim, and all the guys took their spots on the stage. Their opening song was the sixth track on Indulgence: a Saga of Lights called “Brakes”.


Their set list goes as follows:

Calm Down Juliet
The Measure
We’re In Hell
Shut The Fuck Up

The entire set was spectacular. I watched each individual in the crowd get more and more into the music as they kept performing. Although, I have to be honest I really don’t think anyone enjoyed watching them perform as much as I did. When I listen to their music and see them perform, all my worries just sort of disappear and I am in a state of bliss. If you haven’t listened to or seen them perform live, I suggest you do both of those things as soon as you can.


Pick up SyncAmour’s new album below!

Indulgence: A Saga of Lights


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