At the end of July this Summer, we got a chance to talk with the boys of Our Last Night about what it’s like being independent, Matt’s gorgeous eyes, and the importance of understanding those who are different from us!

You guys are still doing your own thing independent of a label right?
Trevor: Yes we are. It’s amazing, way more freedom, and we put out content whenever we want. We don’t have to record a CD and then wait 6 months just to put out one song!
Tim: We set deadlines for ourselves and we’re the only ones putting pressure on ourselves too, which is a lot better than a bunch of people who don’t really care all that much. “You have to do this thing but you can only do it one time, and you have to do it this certain way.” We’re doing this 100% for our fans, and ourselves. So that in itself feels amazing.

Is that why you guys put out so many covers now too?
Trevor: Oh definitely. When we were with Epitaph they would have never let us do anything like that. Or they would have let us do it one time for a particular song.

Can you tell us a little about ‘Oak Island?’
Matt: Well I’m sure you’ve heard of that show ‘Ancient Aliens?’ We heard about it watching that and it’s just really fucking cool! People think that there is a treasure buried underneath this island in Nova Scotia because about every 20 ft there are these wooden planks that were clearly put there by someone. There are other things too like coconuts or things made from coconuts, and it’s obviously not a tropical island so they don’t know where these things came from! It’s pretty wild, definitely check it out on the interwebz!

Photo: Chris Duke
Photo: Chris Duke

Matt how many women would you guess have gotten pregnant, just by looking into those deep blue eyes of yours?
Trevor: He wouldn’t know man because they find out later, and obviously by then it’s too late!
Matt: Haha it’s true I don’t know, but it could have been a LOT! Where’s this coming from? Am I lookin’ that good today?!

I’m drowning in those eyes, they’re like a quiet ocean bro!
Matt: Are you able to get pregnant? Because we might be able to make that happen later!
Trevor: You guys should kiss!
Matt: It’ll be the most “straight” gay sex you’ve ever had I swear!

Photo: Chris Duke
Photo: Chris Duke

Haha alright, moving on! Tell me about this last tour to Europe you guys had, and what it was like going over there without the support of a label.
Matt: It was great man! Shows were way more packed than we even expected them to be, so it was amazing. When you ask though what it was like without a label, the label doesn’t help you tour. Financially anyways. So we buy our own merch, pay to get out on the road, gas, food, all of that shit we were paying for anyways.
Woody: Well unless you use the money that they had given you before as sort of an “advance,” but that’s only if they are giving you money.

Matt: Right. So if any fans or anyone else is wondering if there is a difference between touring while you’re signed, or while you are doing it on your own? Not so much.

So you guys are hiring your own merch guy, TM, all that shit?
Matt: Yeah everyone does. Well some times the label will, especially if you’re a bigger band with that they kind of put a “priority” on. For the rest of us though the label basically helps put out your CD and helps you with publicity.

Respect. So does anyone give you guys shit for doing these covers?
Matt: Haha no man. Ironically, at least in this context, people will talk shit on the artists we cover! “I hated this song before you guys did it, but now I love it!” So technically they did like the song, just not the way it was done. But no, no one is talking shit otherwise. At least that we know of.

Why should people care about “The Bully Project?”
Matt: Because it’s awesome, and bullying is bad…. Mmmkay? They are the guys that did the documentary “Bully” which was amazing and really moving to us. They are working as hard as they can to prevent the exact things that you see in that movie. Kids are not the only problem by the way. I mean obviously some kids have a tough time handling something new or different like people with special needs, but the big problem is that adults are not regulating these incidents and bullying.

My family and I have always been hyper sensitive to that shit because our brother is Autistic. When we moved here I watched a kid pinch another boy in between double doors who was severely handicapped. I had to grab the one that was bullying and slam him up against a wall so he would stop, but you see this awful shit in small towns and it definitely needs more awareness.
Matt: Yeah see that was one thing about the film that I didn’t understand or wasn’t aware of, because that kind of violence never happened at my school. There was bullying, but not to that extent.

What do you have going on after Come Alive?
Matt: Well we may be going to Europe, can’t really go into that yet. November/ December we will be touring also, but we can’t really talk about that either haha. Beyond that though we are definitely going to begin writing and recording for another full length album!

Be sure to catch the remaining dates of the Come Alive tour!



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