Photographed by Alexander Just

Written by Ron Janzen


PVRIS_AlexanderJust_TSLN 7Polyenso, one of the opening acts, has been named one of the top 16 bands to watch in 2016, by Alternative Press. We did. We agree.

Coming out of post-hardcore band Oceana, band mates Denny Agosto, Kolby Crider, Alec Prorock, Alexander Schultz and Brennan Taulbee have gone light. Jazz makes up their new roots, with an experimental and electronic depth keeping it fresh.

If you know Radiohead, you’ll feel at home here. There sounds have mass appeal, and there is nothing else quite like them out there. Not to be missed.

Following up Polyenso Lydia took the stage.  Leighton Antelman works the vocals and guitar, along with Matt Keller’s expressive keyboard while Justin Camacho rounds out their sound on guitar.

PVRIS_AlexanderJust_TSLN 28

Leighton Antelman believes in starting early: writing, recording, and booking gigs made his 7th grade education. The 2003 band Rolo 15 featured Leighton along with 3 junior high friends.

Lydia came out of this early collaboration. Warp Tour and Bamboozle was part of their 2008 experience. 2010 was a year of hiatus and reformation with most original members going on to other projects. Leighton held on though.

“Dragging Your Feet in the Mud” marked Leighton and Lydia’s return to music. “Cause if it happened, it happened, you know. You can’t change that, it’ll sure eat you alive”; their lyrics just let you chill and think.

With 5 albums under their belt, this young/old band allows thoughts mixed with chill vibes. Its like your memories can now write music. Sounds everyone should hear.

Sometimes you just like seeing a band coming on stage. Pvris is one of those groups. Knowing their sound is hauntingly fresh just makes it cooler.   Unfortunately we were unable to photograph them but had many friends there in the crowd with cell phones.

PVRIS_AlexanderJust_TSLN 35

Bandmates consit of Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski and Brivn MacDonald. Lynn gives powerful voice to this group, while hitting the guitar and keys, while Alex complements her licks on guitar and keyboard, with Brivn making strong bass strokes and keys as well. Touring with the group is drummer Justin Nace, no stranger to a hard beat. He proved himself in tonight performance by making those sticks smoke.

A opening act at the Myth last February, Pvris took many Sleeping with Sirens fans by surprise upon hearing Lynn’s magical vocals. One fan said it all, “Goosebumps”.

A year + later only shows how strong a band Pvris has become. Totally mainstream ready, they took command and walked away with this show. No disappointment here, or to the fans who lined up hours before to get inside.

Looking for more shots: try Their main page contains stunning black and white images shot by Matty Vogel. The Arizona photo rocks.


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