Rhode Island natives ‘Scare Don’t Fear,’ are getting their first taste of a national tour with Vans Warped Tour 2014 and deliver one hell of a set at every event! We got a chance to talk with Frankie and Chris on the Shakopee leg of the tour to talk about signing with KBB and their first full length album!

Photo: Chris Duke

So, who are you guys?!
Frankie: We are ‘Scare Don’t Fear!’ I’m Frankie Screamz.
Chris: And I’m Chris Jungles
Frankie: We’re from Providence Rhode Island, and we’re out here reppin!

You guys are with KBB, tell us how that happened!
Frankie: Well we’ve been with KBB about 6 months and that all happened because we have the same attorney as Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria). Ben went to our attorney and said “Look I’m starting a new project and I would like your help.” Our attorney said that we were a band he had to check out and just like that, Ben was on the phone like “Yo I love what you guys are doin, we need to talk!” It was dope for us because we had spoken to so many labels that wanted us to change.

Chris: “You need to be heavier, you need to change your name, we’re taking this percent.” We just weren’t with that, man. We wanted to stay true to ourselves and stay original for our fans.

And you’re promoting your first album too right?
Frankie: Yeah as soon as we signed with KBB we jumped in the studio with a set of songs ready to make’m perfect. We’d been ready to put out a full length for about a year, we just felt we were ready and it was good timing with KBB. ‘The Ground Up,’ out in stores right now!

How many tracks did you end up putting on the album?
Frankie: We got 12 tracks on the album, but we have 2 songs that we’re gonna be droppin real soon for a deluxe.

Have you played either of those songs live yet?
Frankie: No net yet. We’re gonna wait until we get on a tour where we have a little longer set time since we only have 25 minutes on Warped. Don’t get me wrong, we are incredibly grateful to have any time at all, but we’re just tryin’ to give people the straight gold from the album know what I mean?
Chris: First national tour, we’d take a 15 minute set man. We’re blessed, happy to be here!

Photo: Chris Duke

Who are some bands you’ve now heard of because of the tour that you are like “Man that’s some fire!”
Chris: The Marmozets, Teenage Bottle Rocket those dudes are cool as hell, Air Dubai.
Frankie: Volumes & Bad Rabbits, we’re cool with those dudes for sure. K.Flay is fuckin’ sick and Crizzly, dude that guys set is worth it just for his hype man! Greatest hype man in the game!.

Alright fellas, so what’s after Warped Tour?
Frankie: We’re just gonna keep on tourin’ man! We’ve spent so long writing and play local shows that we just wanna get out on the road and see our fans!

Photo: Chris Duke
Photo: Chris Duke

Any dates locked down yet?
Frankie: Nothing locked down yet but we have an AWESOME team behind us, so we’re just waiting for them to give us the green light and we’ll be able to announce those dates and cities! There is some other shit in the works I wish we could talk about, but we gotta keep it under lock & key for now, so stay tuned!

You can get ‘From The Ground Up’ here, and be sure to check out your boys the rest of The Vans Warped Tour dates!


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