After going through an almost entire band revamp, Watch Them Fly is going harder than ever with a dedicated crew.

Photo: Alexander Just

We sat down with them for updates on the EP, and life as a new band.

I understand you guys went through a pretty big group change within the last year?
Paul: Yeah it was pretty crazy, everything had fallen apart. I went on Craigslist as a last resort though and got really lucky and found Cory.
Cory: It’s funny because I went on Craigslist to find a cooking job so I could get out of the North Country and just randomly saw his post. I thought “Sure I’ll check this out,” and we just hit it off. Nick and I actually went to school together and played music, so that’s how that happened. Then Jake and I had worked together and got along really well, so I told him they were looking for a drummer.

Cory: Everything clicked so quickly too, it’s been great.

Sick, always good to hear. Now Paul & Trevor can you tell us went down with the previous members?
Trevor: Well we were ready to record our 2nd EP and long story short, it turned into a financial issue. Once money came into play, one member flaked, which then made “this guy” want to flake, and we lost the last guy after that. People often don’t realize how much fight and commitment it takes to live your dreams and I think those previous members just fell victim to taking the easy way out.

Photo: Chris Duke
Photo: Chris Duke

So how has the 2nd EP played out with the new members? Did that change your approach?
Paul: It did yes. We ended up choosing a different studio, Spider Studios in Ohio.  We worked with Tony Gammalo who has worked with a lot of artists including MGK and helped him with a lot of his music. So Tony kind of put a different spin on the whole process as well as how we recorded. For example with the previous EP we would do multiple takes and work with multiple recordings, but Tony was like “Alright I’m not gonna sit here all day and layer this shit together so you guys better be able to do these in 1 take.”
We had heard he was a little bit edgy before, but it turned out to be a good thing because we worked so much harder and I think the EP turned out better because of it.

Trevor: We ended up using very few affects too which gives it a really raw metal sound, I love it.


EP comes out July 21st, any shows coming up to promote it?
Paul: Well right now all we have is a show with the All Stars Tour (July 25th). I See Stars, Like Moths to Flames, and a bunch of others. Should be a sick show! We definitely want to make it out to Ohio though, probably play Wisconsin again too. We played a show there before at the Rave with Kill Switch Engage, that was really fun.

Trevor: It was crazy because nobody knew who we were, but the crowd reacted so well to our music.
Paul: Haha yeah I actually hit my lip on the mic while head banging and started to bleed. I could hear kids in the crowd going “Oh fuck he’s bleeding!” I looked down at my shirt and saw drips of blood going down, shit was pretty hardcore!

What do you guys do outside of the band for work?
Nick: I do roofing.
Paul: I’m a bar back and I work sound for gigs.
Trevor: I work at Home Depot in the garden section and I also do stage production.
Jake: Right now I am an intern for Thomson Reuters. I do info tech and information infrastructure… Computer stuff.
Cory: I work at Butcher & the Boar right now as one of the lead cooks. Number 1 in the city, high quality stuff. It sucks though because I’m in constant fear of cutting off one of my fingers and not being able to play!

Jake: He came to practice just battered one night and was like “Can you help me carry my amp down stairs?” Why can’t you do that yourself? “Oh because I fell down the stairs at work yesterday carrying a big tray of pies.”
Cory: Haha yeah, saved all the pies though!


You guys just filmed a music video right?
Cory: Ooooh yeah. I think Jake and I were up for like 48 hours by the end of that because we work so late and then we had this shoot.
Paul: Shot in the basement of this place and the building was basically like a fall out shelter. Old laid brick, early 1900’s, and the basement was flooded haha.

Cory: My cab is actually still covered in crap from splashing around down there. It was dope though, Jake was actually literally steaming haha.

When will the video come out?
Paul: It should be coming out the 28th or 29th of July.

Well we look forward to it man!

Be sure to go check out Watch Them Fly at Sky Way Theater July 25th!





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