There has been a lot going on with Out Came The Wolves recently, we mean a LOT!  We may not be able to tell you everything, but I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the upcoming full album and I gotta say, our boys have been putting in work! Without mastering being finished, this album is well on it’s way to being a must have for 2016. 

Lets get it going. 

So how many times have you guys been out to L.A now?
Cameron: Just got back from our 3rd trip. It was really good, we got a lot done. This last time that we went out was to shoot for a music video and we got some photos done as well. Side note: Erv and I got roofied haha. 

For real?!
Cameron: Yeah! At first we thought it was a joke, this guy asked us if we “Wanted some roffied drinks,” which we laughed about and asked if they were actually roofied, but the guy said now. I’ve never been roofied before, but I only had a couple of drinks and I can’t remember a thing from that night. It was crazy haha. 

Well I’m glad you guys are alright, let’s get back to the music video haha. 
Cameron: Yeah! We worked with Alex & Caleb who are also in a band. They had shot their own videos and we have the same management. Really cool dudes and we got some great stuff. It was wild though, the first day we shot from around 1 to 11pm, then the next day we had to be there at 3:30am. First part of the day was kind of a blur because we were so tired. 

Can you tell us the name of the song you guys were shooting for?
Cameron: Nope! Not yet haha. Soon though.

Fair enough. How did you like recording out in L.A?
Cameron: Oh man, time of my life! We were out there for over a month and worked our asses off. We’ve been writing for the passed year, but we were able to make some changes and fine tune everything while in Cali. 

So what’s it like writing in LA vs you or Austin’s place?
Cameron: Way high paced. It’s go-go-go, the whole time. It was cool though because writing in a studio and in that environment was really helpful. The whole studio is actually in the house, so we got to stay there as well. 

Photo: @landonmphoto
Photo: @landonmphoto

How has it been having Lucas with you guys now?
Cameron: Best drummer I’ve ever seen in my life! Lucas kills it, he’s also the sketchiest and weirdest dude I’ve ever met haha. Our manager actually calls him “Sketchy Luke” haha. He is constantly drumming though, like he’s probably drumming as we speak. 

So after listening to the mixed versions of these tracks, what would you say the difference is between this album and the stuff you guys were doing before?
Cameron: We were just another Metal-Core band, typical generic sound. We’ve gone in a different direction now. I even took some vocal lessons and was able to sing on this album. 

Well now that all of that high paced craziness is done, what do you do?
Cameron: Sleep. Haha. There will be a lot of waiting now, with the exception of our music video. Hopefully that comes out soon and we’ll be able to give the fans something new. 

What are you looking forward to most for 2016?
Cameron: Finally being able to meet all of our fans! We’ve been working really hard and it’s all been for this album. We love it and we know that our fans are going to love it too, so we just can’t wait to show everyone and to be able to play as much as possible. 

Before I forget, tell me about this Jolly Rancher™ thing. 
Cameron: Oh yeah haha. Well I tweeted at Jolly Ranchers that my favorite flavor was watermelon, they tweeted me back, we exchanged info and then they sent me a huge thing of candy haha. 

Epic. Alright man well thank you for doing this, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!
Cameron: No problem man, likewise. 

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