Photography and Written Review by Elizabeth Mann

On November 15th, The Show Last Night had the incredible opportunity of capturing LANY in concert once more. Accompanied by artists Keshi and Salem Ilese, the show brought a vibrant energy to the Monday night music scene of Denver. Ilese, most known for her TikTok sound Mad At Disney, attracted a younger crew while Keshi seemed to have some older attendees. Both are first-time performers in Denver and were sure to have gained a few new fans from their solid acts. By the time LANY hit the stage, the audience was filled with all sorts of people from heartbroken teens to well-grown adults. 

The Mission Ballroom, located in the RiNo region of Denver, hosted the band for the first time since their opening in 2019. Mission is one of several concert venues that appeal to the large music scene here in Denver. Their niche seems to be with Alternative and Indie genres, sprinkling in some Electronic Dance musicians on occasion. Being as it is a short drive outside of the city center parking was easy and we were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of security. A wide bar greets visitors upon entrance, one which was nearly vacant upon my arrival due to the adolescent nature of the crowd. Between two levels and the number of unsold tickets there was plenty of room to sit and dance. 

Three hours after doors open the bustling crowd begins to hush. Dim yellow lights and flashes of band members Jake Goss and Charlie Priest signaled the beginning of their performance. Then, in a blast of white light, lead vocalist Paul Klein runs on stage. Shrieks ensue. A softer tempo version of Mean It brings the crowd together for the main act. Initially, the energy in the ballroom was a bit dull, but after the first song the crowd really started jamming. Paul did a nice job of covering all areas of the stage as he sang. Gross and Priest remained posted at their respective instruments for the total duration. Their hit song Malibou Nights was a visible hit as it was carried throughout the set in a different manner each time it graced our ears. The heart wrenched teens I mentioned earlier seemed to experience an emotional release from the songs dancing in the kitchen and ex i never had

 A climactic moment was brought on by Paul’s sudden disappearance from stage and reappearance into the middle of the crowd. As the song you! poured out from the speakers fans huddled together. A few lucky ladies were cheek to cheek with the artist and for a moment our thoughts were teleported from a mundane week day to the rockstar experience LANY was attempting to create. The band finished with a few songs after that and the crowd stayed to enjoy the full time. 

For as lively as the performance was, its end seemed abrupt. Paul and the band left the stage without an encore or a lengthy heartfelt farewell. Nonetheless, he promised that they would be back. “Next time, Red Rocks. We’ll see you again!” Paul proclaimed after the band’s final bow. 

Not bad for my first Monday at Mission. 

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