Britleigh sat down with rapper Botzy for an interview at the Nicollet dinner in Minneapolis.  Botzy a constant collaborative who’s been involved multiple projects such Culture cry wolf, and VAYNS has been an influence in the scene for 9 years.  Here what he had to say.

“There’s something I find appealing about a near empty diner at 4 in the morning. The complete strangers, near dead silence and sometimes stale coffee. All of these things combined settle even the busiest creative mind. Countless times in my life, early morning diners have provided fortitude through solitude.

Some creatives thrive amongst collaborative talent, while others require four walls and a “do not disturb” setting. As with many things, I find myself on both sides of the fence. Regardless, when it’s time to put my art down and recharge at 4am – with or without friends – a diner provides the atmosphere that matches my headspace. The new single “gwen stefani” is energized with 90s nostalgia and has received video treatment that should arrive someday soon”

Check out Botzy here

Photographs By Britleigh Wechsler

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