Britleigh got to hang out and photograph  the metal band Hurricane Joe. Hurricane Joe is a Duluth band who has moved to the Twin Cities. They are having their first local show at The Cabooze tomorrow night.

They are a fresh but old school metal band. They are known in Duluth for their  harsh vocals and relentless guitars solos. They described their music as “Raw” and not over refined. The unique thing about this band is their friendship and loyalty. These guys have been friends since middle school and they work together very well. They have a special bond and each person brings something great to the band.

They are serious with not so serious tendencies. During the shoot they acted like Alpacas (that are featured on their album cover) and ended up climbing each other. Check out their first show in Minneapolis tomorrow night and see them for yourself.


Check them out Here

Photos by Britleigh Wechsler

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