Murder by Death took the stage at the Fine Line Music Cafe following opener Laura Stevenson this past Friday. If you’ve listened to Murder by Death’s music and wondered how you get more from this band – you go see them live. Anything you’ve thought you wanted out of a killer live performance comes from this five-some – six if you count the bouncer trying to have a conversation with Adam mid set…

…The loud vocals Adam brings to your speakers has so much more kick to your eardrums it makes you see double. Or in the case of the feely drunk chick standing behind my lady – grind on the person standing in front of you (Michelle in this case) and awkwardly rub their shoulders.

Feelings. She has feelings.

Solid show otherwise. The whole band plays together extremely well, they are able to bring it to a level in a smaller room like the Fine Line and make it feel like the Main Room.



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