Murder By Death with guests Twin Limb & Laura Stevenson are making an appearance at the Fine Line Music Cafe this Friday, November 11th, 2016. Don’t let their name fool you; this is not a metal show, rather, a can-be-upbeat-but-still-dark type of band. They have a cello, people! A cello headed by Sarah Balliet pulling […]


On November 5th, the band LANY arrived in Minneapolis on their 40th stop on tour at the Fine Line Music Café. Before the band even came on, there were chants of their name and fans in the front row throwing rose pedals on the stage. As soon as Jake, Les and Paul walked on stage, […]


As you may know, LA-based band LANY is performing the Kinda Tour, coming to Minneapolis on Saturday, November 5th, at the Fine Line Music Cafe! LANY will be on tour to support their latest EP kinda and just completed a number of summer festivals such as Bonaroo, Firefly, Hangout, Outside Lands and more. As the most streamed artist through Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature, their songs have garnered over 59 million streams on Spotify alone. Billboard also […]


Editors note: This was Sam's first time shooting for TSLN. Keep an eye out for future work from her. Joined by Christof and Dan Mangan, Bear’s Den put on a show of pure enjoyment and folly. Between the intense lighting and sorrowful melodies, the band surely blew away everyone who went to the Fine Line […]

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