I had a chat with Andrew Rasmussen of Astral Blood today about their new EP:



  • I’m here with Andrew Rassmussen of the band Astral Blood. Sup Andrew?

    Hey Tanner ! I’m just sitting here being a loser listening to my own music haha

    Haha! Nothin wrong with that. Especially when it’s brand new music. Care to tell us more about that?

    Sure thing ! Well we just got our mastered tracks back from Max Karon two days ago. Max has done work for bands such as Coal Chamber, Devil Driver and Chimara. So needless to say the EP sounds incredible! And everyone involved in the music is super stoked to see how the people take it.
    Sick. And that’s coming up SOON, when is the release again?
    We are planning on putting the EP up on Bandcamp this Saturday, December 20th at noon. Just doing a digital download release thing. And then at the beginning of February Tridoid Records will be putting out physical copies of the EP on Digipack. 
    Awesome. And this is your debut release, that’s exciting! How many tracks are on the ep?
    Yes that is correct. First release and with this release you get 3 tracks. Track 1 (Secluded And Forbidden) with running time of 6:44, Track 2 (Interlude) which features Holly Axelrod on vocals, with running time of 2:41 and then the third n final track on the EP (Our Almighty Gaze) is everyone’s favorite with running time of 6:45.
    Nice. What do you think about letting us get a little preview? 
    Absolutely ! I will send over track 1 Secluded And Forbidden

     Rad! Can’t wait to hear it. Well Andrew, with that I will just let the music speak for itself. Anything else you’d like to add before we split?

    I just wanna say thank you one last time to everyone involved in this Release !

    Band mates – Joe Waller, Tommy Curry, Holly Axelrod Max Karon – for mixing n mastering our music Raoul Mazzero at View from the coffin for doing our sick art work n layout work.

    And Andrew Rehberger at Tridroid Records for releasing it for us \m/

    And of course Thanks for the interview Tanner Morris

    There you have it. Enjoy this track Secluded and Forbidden of Astral Blood’s debut EP.


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