Photo: Chris Duke
Photo: Chris Duke

Let’s start off with the deluxe version of your album, Forever Halloween. Why should people be buying it?
Jared: It’s fucking awesome for one! Seriously though it’s really cool. Couple of tracks that we had recorded while making Pioneer & Forever Halloween. One of the tracks is called ‘Ice Cave’ and we had actually only played it live before. So for the core fans they can really appreciate that song or for people who have never heard us play that song live before they can now have it along with the album.

What was the reason behind adding to Forever Halloween for this deluxe?
Garrett: We really wanted to bring something for the Warped Tour crowd. Forever Halloween has been out a year’ish, so we just wanted to have something fresh for our fans.
Jared: It’s also one of those things where we are in the position to put out music whenever we want now. We’ve been independent for the last 2 records

What kind of questions are you guys getting sick of?
Jared: “You guys are from Arizona, why are you called The Maine?”
Garrett: I hate it when someone hasn’t even done a little bit of research, you know what I mean? Just the over all tone of that interview, “Sooo what do you guys sound like?” I don’t know… Death metal.

Speaking of Arizona, do you guys play shows in Tempe?
Jared: Oh yeah man of course! That’s where the Marquee Theater is which is sort of the flagship for shows in that area. We all grew up going to shows there too, but we play there quite a bit when we do shows at home.

You guys are playing the Warhead stage, do you hang around for Saves The Day’s set?
Garrett: Oh yeah man of course! They actually let us pick their set one day!
Jared: They were one of the first concerts I ever went to in my life. Ever since I knew they were going to be on the bill I was so psyched, then we’ve been able to hang with them the whole tour. It’s been awesome.

What’s next for The Maine?
Garrett: We will be playing some shows in the UK, then we’re doing another 5 shows in the fall to sort of finish touring with this album, then we’re gonna hit the studio!

Got the itch to write again already?
Jared: I think so yeah. I think any time you finish an album you’re already done with those songs, you know what I mean? We have to play them live obviously and we pour our hearts into each performance, but you always want to go back to the writing and recording process because it’s such a big part of who you are and what we do.

Well I think I speak for The Maine fans everywhere when I say, we can’t wait to hear what you come out with next!

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