On October 10th I got to attend my first EDM show, ‘Safe In Sound Festival.’ The festival featured a slew of artists such as Flux Pavilion, Caked Up, Excision, Terravita, and our feature today, Adventure Club.

We got a quick minute with Christian & Leighton before their set to talk about hardcore, Paris Hilton, and being musicians. 


What do you think is the biggest misconception about the EDM scene, or just general crap you guys have to put up with as EDM artists?
Christian: Well the classic one is that ‘You’re not real musicians, you just press buttons!’ A couple of artists go up and just press play for their whole set which makes people paint a broad brush of the entire scene.

Well and especially for you guys, because you DO play instruments.
Christian: Yep that’s right! Between Leighton and myself we do vocals, guitar, piano, and drums. So we are definitely musicians beyond producing.

So aside from having to take shit from other genres who complain about EDM, what do you think about celebrities coming in trying to be DJ’s, like Paris Hilton?
Christian: There are a LOT of people trying to be DJ’s and producers right now. So the celebrity aspect is actually the least of our worries because there are enough bad DJ’s out there.
Leighton: Yeah you can tell the people who are trying to do it for the lime light and those who actually are putting everything they have into their music. So Paris Hilton trying to be a DJ doesn’t bother us, it’s anyone who goes and buys a kit and then calls themselves an artist. 

What kind of music would you guys say you played before forming Adventure Club?
Christian: I would say it was metalcore, but progressively got more like pop-punk.

Do you still listen to those types of bands?
Christian: Oh for sure. Fit For A King’s ‘Creation Destruction‘ is pretty much all we’re playing right now. Like we’ll listen to hardcore to get pumped up for a show or to go work out.
Leighton: We put a lot of hardcore samples into our sets too.

Has anyone from the hardcore scene come to you wanting to collaborate?
Leighton: Yeah like 6 months after forming AC, the guys from Bring Me The Horizon hit us up to do a track. Unfortunately we just couldn’t get it off the ground though and make it happen. Our door is always open though, we’d love to work with some of the bands we listen to.

What’s your involvement with ‘Fuck Cancer?’
Christian: It’s something we’re really passionate about and obviously promote whenever possible. We also donate to it quite a bit and try to get others to donate as well.

Beautiful. Now why do you like Denver so much?
Christian: Oh man! Well for one the appreciation for music in general is just amazing. You can get as obscure as you want to and people get it and want to know more about what you’re doing. Very knowledgeable but in a way that doesn’t seem that they are trying to be music snobs or anything, they just love music!
Leighton: We’re actually going back there in November, it’s gonna be sick.

What do we have coming up for you guys?
Leighton: We’re gonna finish out Safe In Sound, then we’ve got a single coming out soon called ‘The Drug’ that we did with our homie Dallas K,  couple more shows in November and that’s all we can say for now!




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