Yeah, you read that right.

The country king of speaking his mind returned to First Avenue for the first time in 4 years on
Friday. Wheeler Walker Jr. is on tour for his recent album, “Ram”, featuring songs you won’t ever
hear on mainstream country radio station….or, hell, any radio: “Born to Fuck” “Fingerblast”
Money n’ Bitches” and “Fuck This Job” just to name a few.

But regardless of radio play, Wheeler Walker Jr was the third most streamed country artist in
2021, and he continues to dominate the comedy and country album charts on billboard almost
exclusively through streaming. A crowded, carhartt-clad first avenue is a testament to the
fanbase he’s amassed, and the brash amount of confidence he’s built, too. Name another artist
who can go onstage and perform a song called “God Told Me To Fuck You.”

From an industry angle, it’s unlikely we’ll see Wheeler Walker Jr. perform at the Grammys or
open for a Kenny Chesney stadium tour with songs this loud, making these kinds of shows both
rare and a hell of a lot of fun. Just don’t ask him if he finds this kind of style limiting unless you’re
ready for a brash response. One that only Wheeler Walker Jr. can get away with.

Wheeler Walker JR

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