It’s been dreary here in the Twin Cities. Lots of clouds, rain, and cold. It feels more like Seattle than it does Minneapolis. And as such, Minnesotans are starting to feel it. The warmer coats have come out of storage, and the wool socks have made their way to the top of the drawer. The impending cold and snow is upon us.

It’s this cold weather that we approach with trepidation, but what Chvrches, the synth pop quartet from glasgow scotland, calls normal. Most of their music was written and recorded in Scotland, and their energetic synth pop seems to fit well as a motivation to not let the rain get you down. Synth Pop has been making a bit of a comeback within the last few years, although for fans of the music, it’s never left. Chvrches has been a leader in the field of this genre, and as a result, sold out both of their two shows in Saint Paul earlier this week. Chvrches has been touring behind their new album Love is Dead released back in May. Both Minnesotan dates fall midway on their american tour, with southern, more warmer states still to come, before a brief tour back in Europe.

A sold out Palace theatre became dazed as the show began, with strobe lights flashing and lighting the band as they came on stage, seemingly in slow motion, until Frontwoman  Lauren Mayberry began “Get Out” off their latest album. Throughout the course of the night, Mayberry and the rest of the band, consisting of Drummer Jonny Scott, and Synth extraordinaires Martin Doherty and Iain Cook, never seemed to be out of energy. The entire show was upbeat, and kept fans dancing through the night, even on the new songs. A tough feat for most bands, but second nature for Chvrches.

Mayberry and Doherty swapped places mid-show, with Mayberry playing synth while Doherty sang on “God’s Plan” and “Under the Tide.” Afterwards, Doherty thanked the crowd for showing up, and selling out. “Everytime we play here we seem to sell out wherever we play” he said “Which is incredible for us. Especially since we really want a star on First Avenue” A cheering crowd affirmed that a star of their own was definitely well deserved.

“Miracle”, the Imagine Dragons/M83esque explosive electronic song, came next with the crowd singing and swaying to the “whoa” chorus. The song itself, as well as many others throughout the night, made the Palace Theatre seem much bigger and more atmospheric than it actually was, the sounds putting the crowd in an almost Xcel Energy Center-like venue.

It’s always incredible to see bands like Chvrches, where these complex soundscapes come from only a few people on a small stage. Mayberry adds to the dynamic of the band by never staying in one place, Always moving across the stage and twirling around to the sounds from her fellow bandmates, all while never missing a beat. It’s this amount of energy and fun that comes naturally to Chvrches, who continues to sell out venue after venue, especially in St. Paul.

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