Drama Club are a Halloween infused duo making insane beats including one hell of a remix of Andy Black’s “They Don’t Need To Understand.” These guys want to make fans party, big time, and they are doing that right now while on tour with Black Veil Brides and Falling in Reverse! We took a minute to chat with them and find out who they are (or might be)!

So I had read somewhere that you guys are from Europe, but you two don’t sound like you’re from Europe.
Zero: Nope! We’ve definitely spent a lot of time there though. This all kind of started over in Europe, Russia specifically, but no we were born… Some place else haha.

What does seem to be true though is that your personas were born around Halloween, right?
Zero: I guess I never thought of Zero & Andromeda being “born ” into these roles. We’ve done what feels like a hundred projects and we’ve known each other since we were peeing on one another as little kids haha. You know, like little toddlers or whatever. You know what I’m talking about right?

I’ve got 4 brothers, I know exactly what you’re talking about.
Zero: Haha ok good! Bottom line, we’re like brothers we’ve known each other so long. Back to this project though, Drama Club, we have been to the craziest parties and there is no better party, than a Halloween party. Everybody is dressed up sexy, theres no fights, theres anonymity.
Andromeda: There is a real freedom to it.

Zero: Exactly. We were in Moscow after a party and we asked ourselves, “How do we make this happen every day?” How do we make something that will connect with people in a way that when we come to town, they know they’re going to party? With all of the nightclub shows we’ve done, you walk in the door and it feels just like a Halloween party, that’s kind of our vibe. So I guess in that sense, Drama Club was born on Halloween.

Has there been one party that you remember as being the best, or any cool Halloween party stories?
Zero: I don’t, because I don’t feel like we’ve thrown that party yet. We’ve obviously been to some absolutely amazing parties, and Halloween parties are always memorable, but our goal is to be the ones that throw that party that we’ll never forget. It probably won’t even be on Halloween either ha.

Absolutely. It seems like we have been seeing, or rather finding out that a lot of EDM artists used to be involved in or got their start in Punk Rock, Hardcore, Metalcore, take your pick, but then transitioned into the EDM scene, including yourselves. Why do you think that is?
Zero: Well I don’t want to speak for any other artists because we wish everybody the best. “For us to win, nobody has to lose.” As I like to say. We’re all about everyone finding their passion or dream and chasing it, but maybe they are like us and have been playing music their whole lives and are multi-talented. Play, sing, produce, it’s all music. For us though we had done so many projects with out one another, that we wanted to do something that was truly just the two of us.

It’s interesting though when you look at the EDM scene, people have accepted that there does not need to be 5 people up on stage. They’ve accepted that culture, and that fit perfectly for us. I will say that when Andromeda and I would go to clubs and see DJ’s, we always felt a little short changed because there was such a lack of ‘live performance.’ So that is one thing we and some others bring to the table.

I could list a hundred producers that I would love to work with, but I would never want to stand next to them for a whole tour because they are boring performers. So maybe that’s another reason why people are accepting artists like us, because we’re performers, not just producers. We are trying to re-imagine what a DJ is supposed to look like, what you’re supposed to see when you go to a show.
Andromeda: We’re trying to light a fire under the DJ booth.

I’m so happy to hear that because I feel like we are seeing more artists like yourselves that don’t want it to just be a ‘button pushing’ set. I also feel like when people like Skrillex first came on the scene, you could feel that same energy that you did at a hardcore concert or a metal concert.
Andromeda: Well the interesting thing about that, is that whether you are in a seedy bar or a nightclub, 9 times out of 10 the youth culture in those scenes will have music from both EDM, and the Hardcore scene in their playlists.
Zero: I say this as humbly as possible, but our first set tonight the crowd went nuts. They don’t know who we are, they aren’t here to see us, but they partied with us because they liked what we were doing and they liked what they heard. It’s not Ultra Music Festival, it’s a Black Veil Brides show. So I think that speaks volumes to what we were talking about with people having a more open mind and broad pallet. There are no lines anymore, and if there are, we are not interested in them.

Andromeda: We’re gonna burn them.
Zero: As you’ve probably guessed, Andromeda has a fire problem.

Good thing you’re their to piss out those flames then hu?
Zero: Haha you know what, I am pretty sure I have pissed out a couple of fires when we were growing up for this guy!

I’ve noticed another big difference between the EDM world and a lot of the other music scenes, is that there is more anticipation for a single to drop, rather than an EP or a full length. Are you guys in the same boat? Are you coming out with more singles, or is there a full length in the works?
Zero: We’ll probably drop singles like everybody else at first because our main goal is to release a full length loaded with collaborations from artists across all genres. Like we did a remix of Andy Black’s ‘They Don’t Need To Understand,” that is the kind of track we would love to be on the same record as a track we did with Bruno Mars. We feel like we have the ability to do it, and we are working our asses off to make something amazing.

We’d love to tour with Lady Gaga and Die Antwood, and we feel like we can. If we can tour with Metal bands? Then we can tour with anybody. Like you said before, there may be hints of it in the sonic-ness of the sound, but we’re not a Metal band. That same feeling is in a David Guetta song or a Skrillex song, and look at all of the different artists they’ve worked with. We had a lot of ADD with the other things we did in the past, but we finally feel like we’re in sync and if we continue to work as hard as we have been and continue to believe in one another and what we’re doing, we’ll be able to keep this going for at least another 10 years.

 Well thank you guys so much for sitting with us, we can’t wait to see more!
No problem man, thank you.

Make sure you follow Drama Club and keep an eye out for more remixes and collabs, and check them out at the rest of the tour dates!

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