Written by Ron Janzen

FOXTRAX swung thru Minneapolis Wednesday. Fine Line Music Café was the home for their unique flavor of rock. Pleasing the enthusiastic crowd were Vocalist, guitar and key player Ben Schneid, drummer Jon Stenz, with Jared Stenz on base.

TSLN sat down with the band to see what’s up. Hailing from Long Island, New York, these new California residents are all about experiencing this nation. Their tour is a reflection of this. Keeping in contact with everyone who likes, loves and lives for their tunes is part of their constant routine. Looking over today’s city is part of this, plus talking with as many people as possible. Ben will even custom write out the lyrics to any of their songs.

Their music reminds me of doing a road trip. Getting in a car putting your tunes on, cranking it up and going to God-knows-where.

“Most people listen to music in their car… the first thing you when we hear a new mix of our stuff is listen to it in the car… that’s the way we know if its going to be awesome or not … if it sounds amazing in the car, your good.” Ben Schneid.

Going somewhere, anywhere to get from under looking for fresh live and change; that what you take away from their music. And FOXTRAX did just that for 5 “soul-cleansing” weeks deep in North Carolina’s woods, to create their latest album.

Kinda bluesy, kind country, kinda searching, kinda 1980’s, bit of 1960’s, FOXTRAX IS a kick and a sweet blend.

They are inspired by many forms of art; all genres of music, a great painting, a awesome photograph, “That’s rock and roll” according to Jon, and that is FOXTRAX.

Also on stage was solo artist Barns Courtney, who though born Aylesbury, England, spent most of his childhood in Seattle. In 2015’s his “Fire” release was featured in the Bradley Cooper movie, “Burnt”. Recently dropping his latest, The Dull Drums.


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