Article and Photos by Eliza Mann

Gorgon City is a duo claiming to be ‘in high demand’ by their label, Black Butter Records. Collaborations with big name artists like Sophie Tukker and Evan Giia would validate this statement, but a relatively low key social media presence might say otherwise. Catching wind of a sold out show at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado gave The Show Last night the perfect opportunity to put their claim to fame to the test… safe to say we were not disappointed. 

A low-chance flurry sprinkled the sky last night, April 27th, just as several electronic artists prepared to light up the venue. Few fans awaited entry, some trickled in to hold their ground. Something about a sudden change in the weather seems to polarize Coloradoans- either forcing them to lock their doors, or springs them into the night with an unchanging energy. These artists attracted patrons of the latter nature. Suspense arose as the temperature dropped. Warmed by the heat of the opening performances, Gorgon City brought fire to the icy snow just in time for their scheduled set. 

 Gorgon City holds a lot of power naming a House Music duo born out of London. In reference to the Gorgon’s of Greek Mythology (ex. Medusa) they procreate a sense of mysticism among first-time listeners. Perhaps it was the preconceived notion of this ethereal travel, or the ambiance of hundreds of people dancing in the middle of a rocky desert- their performance truly lived up to the expectations of the name. 

One of their latest singles, ‘Voodoo’ entranced the crowd. Head banging and flow were equally welcomed in this high-tempo house set. While covered in rain gear, it was essential to follow the beat if an audience member wanted to find freedom in the music. Elevation made it hard to breathe under the light sparkled sky and there was not a moment of pause to catch ones breath. 

Going into the concert with a fresh set of eyes allowed for a fresh perspective on the show. Many of their songs had been stored in movement oriented playlists and found in the mix of my weekly fitness class, but the live performance had a uniqueness that I had yet to find through personal enjoyment. My plus one, and the onlookers in my vicinity seemed to agree- there was not a frown in sight last night.

If you cannot make it to their final US stops in the next two days (D.C & Orlando get ready) I would highly recommend booking your fall vacation in Ibiza next September. Aside from a midsummer show in New York they seem to be spreading out oversees in their upcoming performances. For those who prefer local shows you will have to hop on the next tour. One that will definitely be worth the wait.  

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