Perhaps there’s no better acknowledgment that your set is going well – or that you’ve gained a new fan – than having a random audience member belt out at the top of their lungs: 

“You guys fucking ROCK!” 

The smile from singer Jordana Nye’s face said it all as she tuned her guitar. Earlier in the set, she told us all what an honor it was to play at the coveted First Avenue Mainroom, and fans both new and old alike began to share that honor in return. 

While her set was short (she was opening for Local Natives) Her songs had left a lasting impression. Summer’s Over, her collaboration with TV Girl, is a song that combines the oh-shit-it’s-august-already? Feeling with the Oh-shit-I-should-have-loved-you-sooner regret, wrapped up in a nice warbly, laid back bossa nova. The majority of her set came from the recently released album Face The Wall, from Grand Jury, which is almost anything but a warbly, laid back bossa nova. Jordana, who was aware we may not have been familiar with her music, told us which songs were “rockers” like Catch My Drift, and I Mean That, and the set closer Why which ended with a guitar frenzy and flashing lights that probably surpassed even Local Native’s production value. 

Yet it was the more mellow tracks that seemed to be the danciest for the crowd, and reminiscent of bands like MUNA, whose discography sounds like they could all be end-credit pop songs from early 00 teen movies. Go Slow and Play Fair  fit that description pretty easily. But Jordana is just getting started – there won’t be any actual end credits for her anytime soon – especially after converting the mainroom to fans of her music. 

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