During the Civil Unrest Tour, we got an opportunity to talk with Alexis of Straight Line Stitch to hear about the new EP!



How many tracks are available on your latest EP, Transparency?
Alexis: This is a 6 track EP.

Who did you guys work with on this EP?
Alexis: We actually went back to the producer we worked with on The Fight of Our Lives, Ben Shigel, for a couple of tracks. Then we worked with Matt from Encapsulated Studios on the rest and he mixed and mastered the whole thing.

How do you feel about putting out EP’s now vs full length albums?
Alexis: Well for us, we are just trying to test the waters because we haven’t put out new music in 4 years. So we wanted to see where our fans heads are at and what they are interested in. It’s also less expensive, less commitment time wise, and then you find out nobody cares?!

Where are you from originally?
Alexis: I was a military brat actually haha. So I live in Clarksville, I was raised in California, born in Georgia, then I settled in Tennessee.

Were you in Germany at all?
I didn’t end up over seas at all, but my brother was born in Germany. I’d love to go to Germany, we’re trying to get a tour together so we can get back over seas. The last time we were there was for Download Festival.

What do you think of your standard tour with 2 to 4 bands, vs these big legs like you did with the Civil Unrest tour?
Alexis: I like it because you get to meet all kinds of new and different musicians! It’s almost like band camp haha.

What should fans know about this new EP?
Alexis: It’s definitely more aggressive. It’s still SLS, but I think people we see that we are going in a little different direction. We’re not jumping genres or anything.

Was there anyone or anything that inspired you guys to go harder for this EP?
Alexis: This EP came at the worst time. Everyone had their own problems and we were knee deep in drama, so actually the EP was like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. You know? It’s what pulled us out of all of the bullshit we were going through at the time. So that leant to the ‘theme’ as well.

You can pickup the new EP here!

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